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ITT pumps to bring water to Indian farmland in desperate need

A drought-ravaged farming district in the northwest region of India will soon receive 2.2 billion gallons of water per day -- thanks to two huge vertical turbine pumps from ITT.

The pumps are part of a government-sponsored project to construct an irrigation system that will lift and transport water 155 miles from the Narmada canal to the farming region of the Kutch district, according to the ITT web site. The name means tortoise and the area resembles a tortoise shell, with an elevated center and the surrounding land gently sloping downward in all directions.

The topography means most rainwater runs off -- and away from the region -- a reason why the district has experienced more than 15 drought years in the past four decades.

ITT Water and Wastewater employees in India are providing pumps for two pumping stations that will are part of irrigation project. Once installed the Flygt pumps will be the largest vertical turbine pumps in the country. When completed, the system will irrigate 175,000 acres of land.

"The water we are delivering will bring both food security and farming jobs to the Kutch district," says Thumala Mahhusudhan, general manager of projects for ITT India. "Several thousand families will benefit from this irrigation project and so will the Indian economy."

Source: ITT.com