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ITT's new industry awards part of first Pump Appreciation Day celebration

ITT Goulds Pumps will celebrate the first Pump Appreciation Day (April 12) with new pump industry recognition programs.

The first, the Heart of the Industry Awards, will honor industrial operations for excellence in using pump technology to improve processes, satisfy customers and enhance our modern way of life. The second, the Pulse of the Industry Honor Roll, will recognize pump industry workers for achievements including improving pump efficiency, providing outstanding maintenance, solving engineering or manufacturing challenges, or exceeding expectations to keep equipment running.

ITT Gould's festivities will also include industry events for pump users and videos and education materials for consumers. The activities aim to celebrate pumps as the "heart of industry," as well as support heart health and recognize people who work with industrial pumps. Additional activities include:

Consumer education Videos and fact sheets will help non-experts understand the role that pumps play in making the things we use in everyday life

Local events ITT Goulds Pumps and its pump distributors will hold education and recognition events for customers and employees at locations around the world.

And support for CPR education ITT Goulds Pumps will provide funds and support training events for the international Emergency Cardiovascular Care (ECC) Program, supported by the American Heart Association and its global partners. The program teaches first aid, including the recommended method for hands-only CPR. ITT Goulds Pumps already has launched the World of Pumps Quiz (www.worldofpumpsquiz.com), which challenges its customers to answer industry-related questions and pledges donations to the ECC Program for every correct answer. 

Source: Pumps and Systems magazine