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Jabsco pumps help handle fragile wine

Winemakers look for pumps that protect their product during all processes of the making the wine. It's important not to damage the grapes with excessive or violent pumping when producing wines, especially Pinot Noir, Viognier and other delicate varieties. Jabsco's flexible impeller pumps have provided the technology to handle these fragile products, according to a Jabsco news release.

It's new VeraFlex Flexible Impeller Pump Cart System offers up to 60 GPM and provides gentle pumping to carefully handle thin, particle-laden liquid. The system's Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) adjusts the speed of an electric motor by regulating the power being delivered. This provides continuous control, matching the motor's speed to the demands of the work being performed.

In fact, VFDs are an ideal choice for winemaking because they allow the operators to fine tune processes and reduce costs for energy and equipment maintenance, the news release says.

Jabsco is a brand of ITT Flow Control.