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Kirloskar Brothers Limited Inaugurates New Facility in New Delhi

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Recently, Mr. Sanjay Kirkloskar, the Chairman and Managing Director at Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL), inaugurated the global fluid management company’s second Authorized Refurbishment Center (ARC) in New Delhi, India.

This facility services, repairs and improves efficiency for small, medium and large KBL pumps. Outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, the ARC offers a variety of services, including overhauling of pumps, impeller balancing, hydro testing, corrocoating, performance enhancement, testing, shot blasting and painting. This facility also caters to customers with an annual maintenance contract (AMC).

Kirloskar Brothers Limited already boasts an impressive collection of six manufacturing plants around the world and is now focusing on building Authorized Refurbishment Centres (ARCs). Its second facility, located in New Delhi, translates to lower transportation costs, reduced downtime, and energy conservation through pump upgrades for customers.

“This second Refurbishment Center in Delhi is yet another innovative initiative from Kirloskar Brothers, to build up a stronger bond with our customers,” Kirloskar says.”

Mr. Ravindra Murthy, Vice President & Business Head Customer Service & Spares, KBL adds, “We at Kirloskar Brother Limited have always believed in customer care and focused on delivering best of technology and services to fulfill the needs of our customers. This new initiative of ours will not only offer unique services to our existing and potential customers but will also provide real-time cost effective solutions to them.”

Kirloska offers a wide range of pumps including multistage, split case, end suction and more.

Source: Kirloskarpumps.com