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KNOLL America debuts Double Spindle Pump for food processing industry

KNOLL America recently announced the availability of its new Double Spindle Pump, a pump system for plasticizing and pumping high viscosity products in solid block form including chocolate, fondant, mincemeat, butter, cheese, margarine and fruit fillings. KNOLL America is a subsidiary of the German company KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH.

The Double Spindle Pump system can pump viscous food products up to 150 GPM and 150 PSI. The unit is dry-run protected, wear resistant and uses synchronized, contact-free spindles.

"The DSP is a great pump system and typical of our commitment to bring innovative sanitary pumps and accessories to the food processing industry," said Bill Prudhomme, president of KNOLL America.

The pump system's quick disconnect fitting, which releases the bearing block and drive spindles from the pump housing while the rotary portion is pulled back over the slide rails makes for fast and sanitary cleaning.

KNOLL was founded in 1970. The company provides high pressure pumps, conveying and filter systems for chips and cooling lubricants for the metal processing industry. The company's comprehensive product line allows KNOLL to create complete systems and provide solutions with central or local functions. KNOLL America is located near Detroit, Michigan.

Source: KNOLL America company news release