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KSB Launches New Generation Etanorm Series Standardized Water Pump

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

This month, KSB will launch the latest generation of its globally bestselling Etanorm series, which has been in production since 1936 with more than 1.5 million pumps produced worldwide. The newest release carries 43 pump sizes, which can be driven by either 2-pole or 4-pole motors. Additional pumps extend the series’ selection, allowing precise sizing to the best efficiency point.

KSB development engineers have optimized the hydraulic contours of the Eta series after intensive work with CFD (computational fluid dynamics) for flow simulation, verified by comprehensive testing. This efficient hydraulic system puts the pump sets ahead of the curve, meeting EU requirements (ErP) of Commission Regulation 547/2012/EC for water pumps that will be put into effect in 2015.

Pumps operating in difficult conditions face various challenges that this type series addresses. Engineers focused on excellent suction behavior and low NPSH values to minimize the risk of cavitation and ensure smooth and stable pump operation; confined casing gaskets offer a reliable seal between pump casing and casing cover; and the finite element method (FEM), a calculation method for solids simulation, was used to improve the rigidity of the pump sets, increasing the permissible forces and moments of external loads acting on the casings. Additionally, a new design allocates extra space to the mechanical seal to enhance venting in area and facilitate the dismantling and reassembling process.

The type series offers several options of construction materials including cast iron, bronze, nodular cast iron, and stainless steel. This material diversity and a range of seal variants make these pumps suitable to many applications, including those beyond water. Operators also benefit from this series being manufactured at four different sites (Germany, India, China, and South Africa) that are all held to the same quality standards. This allows ready access to pumps and spare parts across the globe.

As part of the KSB’s common practice for industrial pumps and to keep energy consumption to a minimum, every pump will be supplied to the customer with the impeller diameter trimmed exactly to the duty point.

Source: KSB.com