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KSB Pumps Keep World’s Largest Museum Cargo Ship Afloat for 50 Years

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The CAP San Diego is the world’s largest seaworthy museum cargo ship, weighing in at nearly 10,000 tons. The ship was built in 1961/1962 for the shipping company Hamburg Süd which sailed primarily on routes to South America until 1981. The ship has been a museum ship since 1988, and became a floating hotel in 2003. Nicknamed the “White Swan” for its elegant shape and color, the ship is now one of Hamburg’s most significant attractions.

Throughout the CAP San Diego’s long history, one thing remains constant: since the beginning, the ship has been equipped with pumps from German manufacturer KSB. KSB pumps operate in many capacities on the ship, from cooling and circulation systems to bilge and fire-fighting applications. Especially today, these pumps are integral to the continued operation of the CAP San Diego as a seaworthy vessel.

"The CAP San Diego undertakes regular trips with passengers. It is therefore important to have reliable pumps on board – and that is what KSB stands for,” says Jens Weber, Managing Director of the CAP San Diego Betriebsgesellschaft mbH.

Today, the ship is moored at the “Überseebrücke” pontoon facility in Hamburg and makes trips several times a year with up to 500 passengers. Measuring 159.40 metres long, the ship can travel at 21.6 knots on trips that offer visitors a glimpse of seafaring technology throughout the ages. During the trips, the whole ship is accessible.

The KSB Group equips ships and offshore platforms around the world today, including the Europa 2 and Queen Mary 2. Additionally, nearly 60% of all liquefied gas tankers utilize cryogenic valves manufactured by KSB.

Source: KSB