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KSB Seatec Pump Offer Solution for the Wastewater Industry

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

KSB, the world’s most experienced supplier of pumps and pump parts, promotes its Sewatec dry-installed solids handling pump for the wastewater industry. The dry pump is part of the KRT line of submersible pumps and can easily be integrated with existing Sewatec impellers, bearings, mechanical seals, O-rings, and discharge covers. The dry pump’s flexible hydraulic design excels in a variety of conditions and offers flexibility, reliability, and cost-effective solutions for even the dirtiest jobs.

Because the Sewatec dry-installed solids handling pump doesn’t require a source of clean water or the recirculation of pumped liquid to lubricate the pump seals, it can be operated in a dry environment. The pumps are fitted with two independent mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces housed in an oversized oil chamber, which ensures protection against failure. The innovative two-seal design promotes a long, hassle-free operation life and low maintenance costs.

The Sewatec line, offered through KSB, has several impeller types that make it a virtually “non-clog” pump including multi-vane K impellers, single-vane E impellers, free-flow (vortex) F impellers, and diagonal single-vane (screw) D impellers. They can be made of multiple materials including cast iron, duplex stainless steel, or wear-resistant high-chrome white iron. Many horizontal and vertical installation options provide KSB customers with flexibility during installation and plant retrofit situations.

In addition to the dry pump’s flexibility, it is also environmentally friendly. The oversized oil chamber contains nontoxic paraffin oil, which provides reliable lubrication and cooling for the mechanical seals and does not require an external water source for seal flushing or cooling. Oil changes are only needed once every three years, or for every 10,000 hours of operation, and small and medium sized pumps are supplied with bearings that are greased for life. Even larger pump units are fitted with bearings that can be externally re-greased.

The seals are also easy to maintain because they require no external flushing and pumps are supplied with non-proprietary mechanical seals to keep maintenance costs manageable. Seals with covered springs are also available for all pump models and all mechanical seals are mounted directly over a stainless steel shaft.

Source: KSB