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KSB Supports BIOPROOF Project

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The demand for natural and synthetic rubber has increased by 50 percent over the past 13 years. In response, KSB and nine other well-known companies have contributed their expertise to support the BIOPROOF project, which aims to supply high-quality technical rubbers to industry by utilizing plants or other recycled material as feedstock.

The BIOPROOF project, launched in April 2013, addresses the issue of increased prices for raw materials. The project’s goal is to strengthen industry’s competitiveness over the next five years through the use of bio-based or recycled materials, reducing cost and providing a sustainable alternative to raw materials such as crude oil. The ten French companies that initiated the BIOPROOF project bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to its operation.

KSB offers almost fifty years of experience manufacturing elastomer liners for its butterfly valves. Every year, the company’s La Roche-Chalais factory produces 420,000 liners –equal to between 200 and 220 tons of synthetic rubber in around 40 different formulas. The BIOPROOF project employs materials specialists to test potential new materials for ecological compatibility and economic efficiency to ensure a high quality product that aligns with KSB’s strategy to develop and manufacture high-efficiency, environmentally friendly products.

The partner companies contributing to the BIOPROOF project include EFJM, EMAC, GEFFICA, KSB, SACRED, ITC Élastomères, WATTELEZ, MICHELIN and HUTCHINSON.


Source: KSB