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KSB SuPremE Motor Wins Energy Efficiency Prize

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

DENEFF, the German business initiative for energy efficiency, held their annual kick-off conference in Berlin on March 12, 2014. During the conference, DENEFF awarded KSB a jury prize for its SuPremE synchronous reluctance motor. The “Perpetuum 2014” jury prize recognizes the KSB motor as a significant innovation in energy efficiency. Approximately 250 people attended the ceremony.

KSB is German-based manufacturer of pumps, valves and related equipment with more than 16,500 employees worldwide. The company’s SuPremE motor claims to achieve energy savings of up to 70 percent when used in conjunction with the speed regulator and up to 30 percent when used alone. The motor also meets efficiency requirements for the ErP Directive to reduce energy consumption by 2017.

Unlike conventional synchronous motors, the KSB drive does not contain any magnetic materials. Magnetic materials are made from rare earths and categorized as critical raw materials because their extraction is damaging to the environment.

The jury explained their selection as follows: “By using a new technical approach (design) a high-volume standard mass product (low-voltage electric motor) which is positioned/used on the market has been modified and optimized in efficiency. This drastically reduces the energy consumption for the same applications and conditions.”

“All finalists have proven that innovation is a source of energy that will never run dry, and that saving energy can be made more attractive and easier,” says Carsten Müller, Member of the German Parliament and DENEFF Chairman of the Board. “KSB has demonstrated most impressively the fabulous spirit of entrepreneurs and inventors on which energy transition can be founded.”

Source: KSB