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KSB to Feature New Sonolyzer App at BrauBeviale 2015 in Nuremberg

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

KSB, one of the leading producers of pumps and valves in the world, will be featuring its Sonolyzer app at the BrauBeviale trade fair from November 10-12, 2015.

The revolutionary new app from KSB will allow plant operators in the food and beverage industry to check fixed-speed pumps for energy efficiency right from their smartphones. Not only is the app compatible with smartphones, it can also be used with tablets, and it doesn’t not require a lot of technical information in order to be effective. There’s no need to provide information on the individual characteristic curve or other technical data of the pump set. Instead, the app is able to determine the load at which each centrifugal pump, driven by a fixed-speed asynchronous motor, is being operated.

Because no detailed information is needed, the app is quite easy to use. When the measurement routine starts, simply use the microphone on your smartphone or tablet to record the noise emitted by the fan of the electric motor for 20 seconds. The app will do the rest.

In addition to featuring the Sonolyzer app, KSB will also feature the four type series Vitachrom, Vitacast, Vitalobe and Vitaprime for food and beverage applications. These pumps offer a wide range of variants, so nearly all tasks related to the hygienic handling of liquid and viscous fluids can be fulfilled. Every pump in the Vita series has been awarded certificates that are common in the industry. In addition, KSB’s elastomer components conform to FDA standards.

KSB will be featuring additional products for the brewing and beverage industry at the trade fair. The multi-functional AMTRONIC valve control unit for pneumatic actuators will be on display.

In order to showcase the extensive range of valve products offered by KSB, the pump manufacturer will also display SISTO-C diaphragm valves, gate valves, and shut-off butterfly valves, alongside the Vita series pumps, AMTRONIC valve control unit, and the Sonolyzer app.

Source: KSB