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Layne Christensen Launches Water Transfer Business

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Layne Christensen Company specializes in global water management, construction, and drilling, offering products and services for the water, mineral, and energy markets. Earlier this month, the company announced the launch of its water transfer business within the Layne Energy Services Division, currently available to clients operating in the Permian Basin.

Layne Energy Services provides safe and sustainable solutions to the unique water demands of the energy industry. The company manages every phase of the water cycle as it pertains to its use in the oil & gas industry (conventional and unconventional). Service offerings include hydrogeological investigation and sourcing, transfer, storage, treatment, and well testing.

The water transfer business is responsible for transporting water to and from various locations through piping, containment, and management techniques. Efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness are key concerns for this process, eliminating the need for trucking.

"The commencement of our water transfer operations is an important milestone for our growing Energy Services Division,” says Rene Robichaud, President and CEO of Layne. “We expect to add new water management services during calendar 2013.

“We are continuing to make the investments necessary as we plan to achieve a $20 million revenue run rate at Layne Energy Services by year-end."


Source: Layne.com