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Lewa Pumps Safely Convey Crude Oil for Major Construction Company

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Lewa, a leading global manufacturer of diaphragm and process pumps, as well as metering systems, has recently designed and supplied 16 diaphragm metering pumps to a major construction company in Abu Dhabi. The diaphragm metering pumps were specially designed to convey mixtures of acidic hydrocarbon/water to the washing system. Safely conveying these materials has always been a challenge for pump manufacturers.

On the Abu Dhabi project, Lewa was asked to provide a solution that would eventually convey the acidic hydrocarbon/water mixture back into the oil line. The pump manufacturer was able to supply 16 mechanically identical pumps from the Lewa Ecoflow series for this purpose. These pumps are driven by 55 kW electric motors that measure 2.7 x 1.9 x 1.9 m and weigh 4,200 kg.

In order to ensure the diaphragm metering pumps’ success, the customer also requested that the pumps handle about five percent sulfur content, high chlorine content, high temperatures, and highly humid conditions. To accommodate these requests, Lewa selected hermetically tight diaphragm pump heads made of superduplex stainless steel, while the diaphragm itself is made of wear-resistant PTFE.

The diaphragm metering pumps are able to handle a flowrate between 0.5 and about 15 m³/h of the acidic mixture in order to ensure that the pressure can vary between 20 and 45 bar. The net positive suction head of the system is kept higher than what is required of normal pump suction in order to ensure the pumps are reliable, despite a changing flow rate. Lewa also offered integrated special suction valves in its pumps to keep the suction pressure requirements low.

Since the pumps have been installed, the customer has reported that they have been running smoothly and with high reliability. All expectations for maintenance have been fulfilled and the on-call time agreement that allows for uninterrupted functionality is also working seamlessly.

Source: Lewa