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Maag Adds New High-End Control System

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Maag Pump Systems unveils maax® 400S, an automation solution targeted at co-extrusion lines to join the company’s well established maax® 100S and 600S models.

Recent advances in technology, such as the launch of Maag’s extrex® GDP twin outlet pump earlier this year as well as increased expectations with regard to properties for extruded materials have since made co-extrusion a staple in the plastics processing industry.

Applying additional layers with two or more extruders on a base material to obtain such specific properties is not without challenges for the operator however. This is especially true in terms of adjusting the relative speeds and throughputs of the individual extruders and pumps delivering the materials to control the different layer thicknesses.

Typically, co-extrusion lines with multiple heating zones, filter monitoring or additional drives cannot be controlled using a small control and operating unit. The operator’s overview might be hampered and in moments when rapid action is required, it may become difficult to control the process.

To this end, Maag has developed a very user-friendly control unit with operating data clearly and logically arranged over a widescreen display with a large viewing angle, keeping operations simple and intuitive, with the following characteristics:

- Line start and stop procedures are kept simple

- Procedures can be saved in parameter lists to increase productivity

- Both the system and the software configuration are adjustable

- Rapid, precise control of extruder and pump speed, depending on application

- Integrated temperature control of system components

- Quick error detection, efficiently displayed in plain text messages

- Scalability of trend displays

The new controller is based on the latest Siemens SIMATIC HMI generation, a high-resolution 16 Million color widescreen touch panel display. The latter is now also used as a basis for Maag’s entry level maax® 100S and 600S flagship control systems, as well as Maag’s expac® extrusion solution, all popular in the industry.
One unit will be shown for the first time at the K show mid October.

Source: Maag press release