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Maag Introduces a Compact Screen Changer

Maag Filtration launches an innovative screen changer with up to four times more filter area than conventional systems.

The new line adapts Maag's patented large-area polymer screen changer to suit the unique needs and filter requirements of the extrusion industry.

Thanks to the new shape of the pistons that are now fitted with curved breaker plates, seventy five percent of the active piston surface acts as an filtration area. This delivers significant benefits:

  • For any given footprint the screen changer's filtration area is up to four times larger. This results in many times longer screen life-time, low pressure differential, a lower flux rate, and an increased filtration level.

  • A much smaller and-cost effective screen changer can be employed for the same throughput and filtration area resulting in a smaller footprint, improved accessibility, easier operation and lower energy consumption.

"A highly attractive feature is the improvement in performance of existing screen changers by simply changing the pistons," says Harald Pohl, Product Manager Filtration. "In the case of an existing screen changer with circular screen cavities, for example, one can gain up to as much as two-and-a-half times the previous screen area."

The pistons can be retrofitted in just one working day, without having to take the filter of the line. All the setup parameters and operating procedures remain largely unchanged. The only new elements are the simple rectangular mesh screens inserted in the filter cavities in place of the disks previously used. The design and function of the new screen changer generation, designated CSC-R, is in line with Maag's proven double-piston configuration, which needs no additional seals. The robust construction ensures reliable, leak-free filtration of all polymers in extrusion applications.

Source: Maag press release