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Magazine surveys put Goulds Pumps at the top

Readers of two trade publications named Goulds Pumps  as their preferred pump manufacturer with the highest product reliability. Goulds Pumps is a business of the ITT Corporation.

The company was the number one choice in the centrifugal pump category in Chemical Processing magazine's Readers' Choice Awards survey this year, according to a news release from Goulds Pumps. Goulds Pumps was the top choice of 45 percent of the survey's respondents who identified a pump brand.

In another survey by Processing magazine, Goulds Pumps also was the top choice in every question comparing pumps from different manufacturers. Nearly 200 plant managers and engineers responded to the Processing survey, which was designed to measure reader opinions on improving process operations and reliability inside industrial plants.

“Year after year, industry surveys rate ITT’s Goulds Pumps as the best and most reliable in the industry,” said John Manna, Vice President, Global Marketing for ITT’s Industrial Process business. “We work hard to continually improve on ITT Goulds’ 150-year tradition of excellence. It is gratifying that the readers of both Chemical Processing and Processing magazines have re-affirmed why ITT Goulds Pumps is the dominant brand worldwide, with over a million installed process pumps in service.”

Goulds Pumps is headquartered in Seneca Falls, NY and offers Industrial Pumps, Chemical Pumps, ANSI Pumps, API Pumps, Mag Drive PumpsEnd Suction Pumps and much more.