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Michael Smith Engineers Introduces 3P Prinz Hollow Rotary Disc Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Michael Smith Engineers, a leading specialist pump distributor in the UK, has introduced a new selection of Hollow Rotary Disk pumps from 3P Prinz. The series is designed to operate at low speeds and is ideal for transferring liquids with suspended solids or high viscosities up to 200,000 cSt.

The new line of 3P Prinz low speed rotary, positive displacement pumps are reliable at flow rates up to 250 m3/hr for sensitive liquids. Standard configurations operate successfully at discharge pressures up to 8 bar, while high pressure versions can operate at up to 20 bar. A variety of wetted materials of construction, including cast iron, bronze and stainless steel, are available to increase chemical compatibilities, extend pump life and reduce service requirements for these pumps.

The new 3P Prinz pump line features self-priming capabilities and provides low-pulsing, accurate output. These pumps also offer the end-user multiple porting and seal options, making them useful for a variety of applications across multiple industries. The overall pump design is easy to install, while modular construction eliminates the need to disconnect the pump from piping during maintenance, leading to less overall downtime due to repairs.

Designed for high hydraulic efficiency, these pumps require smaller motors and incur lower running costs compared to other positive displacement pumps. Other features to note include limited dry-run potential to help prevent in-line failures, and discs with engineered elasticity to allow thermal expansion and the smooth passage of solid particles in the liquid.

3P Prinz is a pump manufacturer based in Tuscany, Italy. Its brands include Pompe 3P (Hollow rotary disk and gear pumps) and Pera-Prinz (screw pumps). The company has been manufacturing positive displacement pumps since 1952 and provides its high quality, versatile pumps to customers around the world. Its Hollow Rotary Disk Pumps provide effective and reliable solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, food & beverage, pulp & paper, marine & shipbuilding industries.

Source: Michael Smith Engineers