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Mouvex to unveil new eccentric disc truck pump

Pump manufacturer Mouvex plans to introduce its CC20 eccentric disc truck pump to the U.S. oil truck and transport market at the Tank Truck Show & Maintenance Seminar in Louisville, KY this week.

The company, based in France, manufactures positive displacement pumps, vane compressors, screw compressors and hydraulic coolers. The new CC20 will be on display in the Werts Welding & Tank Service booths 219 and 221, and Blackmer booths 236 and 238, the company recently announced.

Developed as a vehicle-mounted solution for loading and unloading trucks and transports, the Mouvex CC20 pump’s unique design also enables it to be used as a ground-based pumping unit. The CC20 incorporates eccentric disc pump technology that consists of a stationary cylinder and disc mounted to an eccentric shaft.

As the eccentric shaft is rotated, the disc forms chambers within the cylinder, which increase at the suction port and decrease at the discharge port. During operation, the discharge pressure exerts itself against the eccentric disc, preventing it from slipping. This low slip between the disc and cylinder gives the CC20 eccentric disc pumps tremendous self-priming and line stripping capabilities.

The new CC20 eccentric disc pumps will be available Nov. 1. The pumps can be used for waste, used oils and related products. They’re compact – which means they weigh less and are easier to install. Also the CC20 pumps come in cast-iron and with built-in relief valves to protect the pump from overpressure situations.

Source: PSGDover.com