A Better, Faster Way to Source Pumps

National Pump rental company reserves inventory to help with floods

Record spring floods in the mid-west and lower Mississippi Valley have increased the demand for industrial pumps and compressors and pump rental company National Pump and Compressor is responding.

The Texas-based company recently announced that it plans to re-position or place on standby its selection of pumps and compressors so they are ready to help. Johnny Norwood, the company's national account manager, said that National Pump and Compressor wants to be ahead of the tragedy and available to help start the rebuilding process. The company's pumps can help divert excess water or supplement damaged water distribution and sewer bypass systems.

The company is well-known in the petro-chemical and refining industries. National Pump and Compressor is expanding its market to municipalities that are working to improve their infrastructure. Headquartered in Beaumont, Texas, National Pump and Compressor has 29 locations throughout the United States.