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Neptune Systems Ideal for Irrigation Applications

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Neptune Chemical Pump Co, a PSG Dover brand, manufactures diaphragm metering pumps for a variety of applications. These diaphragm metering pumps are particularly well-suited for irrigation systems, providing accurate and reliable dosing for fertilizers and chemicals.

Neptune manufactures its Fertigation and Chemigation systems for the application of fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other strong chemicals. The chemical tanks of these systems feature a sloped bottom that allow for complete draining and easy cleaning.

All tanks larger than 55 gallons are fitted into double-wall containment and with double wall injection lines, which prevents any leakage and is more environmentally friendly. Additionally, a cover over the pump, piping, and electrical controls shields the system from rain and debris, allowing for 100% reclaim of uncontaminated chemical in the vent of a spill or broken line.   

Neptune Series 500 pumps provide highly accurate, repeatable flows that are easily adjustable, which allows growers the flexibility to adjust to changing growing conditions. Given rising costs of fertilizers and chemicals, this ultimately lowers operational costs while boosting yields. The pumps operate effectively at capacities to 100 gph simplex and 200 gph duplex at pressures up to 3,000 psi.

This series also features EZ-Clean valve cartridges that can be removed for cleaning without needing to disturb the piping and a Variable Oil By-pass stroke adjustment that allow for better valve performance than traditional variable-linkage designs. This allows the valve checks extra time to seat even in heavy liquids since they are idle during the by-pass portion of the suction and discharge strokes.

Source: PSG Dover