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Netzsch Introducing Three New Pump Products at ACHEMA

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Netzsch, the first progressing cavity pump manufacturer to provide access to all rotating parts of the pump, will be introducing three new pumps at ACHEMA. Because the pump manufacturer has established a benchmark in the market, the new pumps are highly anticipated. Its Nemo progressing cavity pump has been re-engineered to include the principals of its Tornado rotary pump with a maintenance-friendly design. In addition, the pump manufacturer is offering its successful Tornado rotary lobe pump in many sizes and is introducing its new screw pump, Notos, which was developed in Brazil.

After the Full Service in Place (FSIP) concept of the Tornado caused excitement in the technical world three years ago, Netzsch re-examined the maintenance aspect of its Nemo pumps. FSIP allows the pump user to conveniently open the pump cavity on-site. This feature allows for easy dismantling of rotating parts and simple installations, without having to remove the pump from the pipe assembly. This concept has been integrated into Netzsch’s progressing cavity pumps. The rotator-stator unit can be lifted out after opening the newly designed inspection cover on the pump housing. This significantly reduces maintenance time and effort for the installer.

Because the smallest T. Proc all-metal pump of the Tornado T2 family is used specifically for low volume flow rates in the processing industry, it has been eagerly awaited, and is now available for purchase. The demand for larger flow rates in the environmental industry has not been ignored either. Up to 200 resp. 300 m³/h can be conveyed with the new T. Envi 08/200 and 06/300. One machine is already being used successfully at a sewage treatment plant in Innsbruck, Austria.

The Notos screw pump series has been developed by Netzsch in Brazil specifically for the Pomerode plant. By utilizing new geometric pump designs, the plant can enjoy improved efficiency and increased pressure capacity with this new screw pump design.

Source: Netzsch