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Netzsch Offering New Sizes of the Tornado T2 All-Metal Rotary Lobe Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Netzsch, a family-owned German company that manufactures and produces machinery, instrumentation, and a wide variety of pump products, has introduced a smaller version of the Tornado all-metal pumps, T.Proc and T.Sano. The new all-metal rotary lobe pumps offer a delivery rate up to 8 m³/h, and for back pressures from 8 or 10 bar. The pumps were specifically developed for lower volumetric flows, making them highly anticipated by the food and process industry.

The Tornado T2 meets the high demands of chemical and hygienic industrial processes. Netzsch follows the motto, “No maintenance is the best maintenance,” so the pump features high performance details that keep wear and maintenance to a minimum.

Because the pump is constructed solely out of metal, it is a good match for the chemical sector where pumped media can wear away at rubber components. Instead, the pump housing and rotary lobes are made of stainless steel or special steel. With this unique construction, long-term process reliability is ensured, no matter what the substance. The design of the pump chamber eliminates dead space, preventing deposits, which makes cleaning easier. These particular design details make the Tornado T2 ideal for hygienic processes.

The belt drive is a crucial detail that has been improved with the Tornado T2 rotary lobe pump. When compared to the gear drive, the belt drive is less prone to problems and provides a more compact design. The pump does not need to be lubricated as it functions without oil.

The pump chamber has also been modified. The rotary lobes are now fixed from the outside with quick-fit taper lock ring sets, making replacements easier. No solids can be deposited on fastenings, since all surfaces are smooth, so the risk of clogging and blocking are eliminated.

Source: Netzsch