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New Back Pressure Regulator Introduced by Cashco, Inc.

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Cashco, Inc., an industrial control products manufacturer that supplies control valves, regulators, controllers, vacuum relief vents, and more to the chemical, oil and gas, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries, has recently released a new back pressure regulator. The Model BR was created to be used with a wide range of gasses and liquids, making it ideal for many different applications.

The Model BR back pressure regulator can be ordered in a variety of personalized options so it can be used with the upstream over-pressure regulation of cryogenic liquids, sour gas, industrial cases, and chemicals. The back pressure regulator can also be used with water, oil, steam, and compressed air, which also happen to be common industrial fluids.

The Model BR is available in globe or angular porting configurations. No matter which configuration you choose, the back pressure regulator can control inlet pressures up to 200 psig in multiple spring ranges. It can also be utilized for more industrial pressure relief applications.

“This is the first in-line back pressure regulator of its type to be offered by Cashco,” explains Clint Rogers, president of Cashco, Inc.

In order to make the BR regulator even more ideal for a wide variety of industries, it is available in 5 sizes that range from 3/8 to 2 inches, making them efficient at handling materials from 20 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the body-spring chamber and trim material combinations. Further design options include metal-seated or composition-seated with a metal composition diaphragm.

“Two body materials will also be available, with 27 different trim material combinations from which to select,” Rogers adds. “We are sure to have a cost-effective option for just about any application. Equally important, it allows us to offer our customers another choice when their needs call for an in-line back pressure regulator.”

Source: Cashco