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New Centrifugal Pump Selection Book Published by Authorhouse

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Authorhouse Publishing has published a new book titled How to Select the Right Centrifugal Pump — A Brief Survey of Centrifugal Pump Best Practices by Robert X. Perez.

Robert X. Perez has thirty years of rotating equipment experience in the petrochemical industry. He previously authored Operator's Guide to Centrifugal Pumps (Xlibris) in 2008 and coauthored Is My Machine OK? (Industrial Press) with Andy Conkey in 2011. In 2013, he completed Illustrated Dictionary of Essential Process Machinery Terms (Diesel Publications) with the help of several other contributors, and in 2014, he coauthored Operator's Guide to Rotating Equipment (Authorhouse) with Julien Lebeu.

Perez’s newest book tackles the somewhat daunting task of selecting a centrifugal pump and the many factors that must be considered. With so many options available, users must weigh their required flow, differential pressure, suction conditions, and more against capital costs and cost of energy for the pumps considered.

To determine which pump is right for you, you need to consider the overall cost of ownership (capital cost, operating costs, and maintenance cost). Low cost pumps are not always the economical answer if they are inefficient or require regular and expensive maintenance. This book will help you navigate

How to Select the Right Centrifugal Pump focuses primarily on the hydraulic design selection methodology, but it also touches on mechanical design details. Analyzing basic pump hydraulic parameters allows you to quickly determine if a centrifugal pump makes sense for your particular application. If you do decide a centrifugal pump will work for your application, then you need to be able to evaluate the various bids returned by pump manufacturers. A complete chapter is devoted to tabulating quotes from pump manufacturers in order to properly evaluate their bids and select the best overall option.


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 — Introduction to Centrifugal Pumps

Chapter 2 — Can I Use a Centrifugal Pump?

Chapter 3 — How Good Pumps Become Bad Actors

Chapter 4 — 10 Pump Selection Rules of Thumb

Chapter 5 — Bid Tabulations

Chapter 6 — The most important day in a pump’s lifetime

Chapter 7 — The Pump Selection Process

Appendix A — How to Calculate Pipe Friction Head Losses for Newtonian Fluids

Appendix B — Mechanical Seal Selection Primer

Appendix C — Centrifugal Pump Selection Checklist


How to Select the Right Centrifugal Pump is available for purchase at Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles, and Authorhouse.com.   


Source: Authorhouse Publishing