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New Double Acting, High Pressure AODD Introduced by Verder

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Verder, a family-owned manufacturer that offers high-tech laboratory and analytical equipment, in addition to an extensive range of positive displacement pumps and mixing solutions, now offers the new VA25-HP (DA) high pressure double acting diaphragm pump. This new pump is especially effective in applications where discharge pressure is higher than the available compressed air pressure, making it a good choice for a variety of filter-press applications.

The VA25-HD (DA) offers all the advantages you would expect from a high pressure pump, but it also offers a wide variety of additional benefits that include:

  • No safety pressure valve is required, which allows the pump to effectively stall against closed discharge
  • Pressure boosted up to two times normal compressed air pressure
  • Ancillary equipment isn’t needed to regulate the flow at raising discharge pressures
  • The new pump offers the same maximal flow rate as a standard Verderair VA25 diaphragm pump
  • Stable and efficient flow that’s double acting
  • Low and high pressure switch allows for greater efficiency

The existing range of high pressure diaphragm pumps, of the single acting type, deliver fluid pressures up to two times the supplied compressed air pressure, resulting in a pulsating flow, high compressed air consumption, and a 50% flow rate reduction.

Another feature of the VA25-HP (DA) is a switch that changes the pump’s operation from low to high pressure. The low pressure setting offers normal operation with an optimal use of compressed air. The high pressure setting boosts liquid pressures up to two times the compressed air pressure for flow rates that are double the flow rate of single acting high pressure pumps.

Although Verder is family-owned, the company has more than 40 trading and production companies on every continent with a wide network of distributors, so the new VA25-HP (DA) is available worldwide.

Source: Verder