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New Envelope PumpsUnveiled by Armstrong at AHR Expo 2016

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Armstrong Fluid Technology, which designs, engineers, and manufactures intelligent fluid flow equipment, unveiled its new Generation 3 Design Envelope (DE) pumps at the AHR Expo in 2016. They feature 33 advanced models that save energy and range in size from 1 to 75HP. They will be available for 2- to 10-day express shipment.

The Generation 3 expands Armstrong’s innovative DE technology, which has saved building owners all over the world millions of dollars over the years. The new pumps will further increase energy savings while providing a more sustainable solution at the same time.

“The Design Envelope technology integrates the latest selection, control, and hydronic tools into heat-transfer solutions that naturally accommodate changes in building design and demand to ensure that system performance is at an optimum at any given time,” says Lex van der Weerd, CEO of Armstrong Fluid Technology. ”It is a more intelligent method of ensuring better HVAC equipment efficiency and achieving the lowest lifecycle cost.”

The new Generation 3 Design Envelope pumps come with a wide variety of features and choices which include:

  • TEFC motors from standard to 25 HP
  • 230, 460, and 575V options
  • Fixed configuration codes which will make product identification and order entry easy
  • Flat Map selection
  • 2- to 10-day express shipment
  • Pumps exceed ASHRAE 90.1 building energy standards

The innovative features surrounding Armstrong’s Design Envelope technology are built around four core competencies that include heat transfer, fluid flow, variable speed, and demand based control. These features are able to optimize building performance over the lifetime of the pump by modeling equipment and system behavior. The pumps are also able to monitor authentic system conditions while dynamically adjusting equipment operation to meet the demands of the systems. In order to achieve all this, a variety of product combinations make up Armstrong’s suite of solutions.

Additional products that are offered by Armstrong include pumping systems, booster systems, an Intelligent Fluid Management System (iFMS), an Integrated Plant Controller (IPC), a Chilled Water Integrated Plant Package (IPP), and Compass circulators.

Source: Armstrong Fluid Technology