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New FM Certification for SPP Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff


SPP Pumps, a global leader in pump manufacturing, was awarded FM (Factory Mutual) Approval for two pieces of its advanced fire pump equipment. The pump manufacturer has over 130 years experience in the industry and provides solutions for a wide range of applications including water, oil & gas, fire, energy and more.

“We’re delighted to have received both of these FM approvals,” says David Robinson, product development and technical support team leader at SPP. “We continually work hard to deliver products and solutions for our customers that help them to do the best job possible – and in the fire industry this is especially critical. By having these approvals we can give complete assurance that our products really are the very best.”

The company claims to have more pumps approved by the internationally recognized Loss Prevention Certification Board than any other pump manufacturer worldwide. SPP fire pumps are also approved for fire protection by Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL), APSAD, CNBOP, ZUS and PSB.

SPP’s horizontal split case fire pump, model BS16E was one of the pieces that received FM approval. It is currently the highest capacity (8,000 gpm) pump listed by FM and is certified in Special Materials of Construction.

The second piece of newly certified equipment is SPP’s FireEye wireless fire-pumping monitoring module. This unit provides the user with information on critical parameters such as fuel level, oil pressure, battery charger status and power loss; all accessible on their website or even via text message. FireEye is now approved for use according to FM standard 1310.

Source: World Pumps