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New Komax Heat Exchanger Designed to be Ultra-Efficient

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Komax, a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality solutions for the wire processing industry, as well as the manufacturer of self-medication solutions, offers a heat exchanger that provides a number of benefits to customers, including energy savings for the wastewater industry.

Known for designing and manufacturing shell and tube heat exchangers for more than two decades, Komax utilized patented static mixers to provide its heat exchangers with the ability to handle viscosities of over ten-million centipoise. Komax created the new heat exchanger after discovering something new.

"We've developed a new heat exchanger design for low viscosity products less than one hundred centipoises, which have a tendency to foul in pipes,” says Sameer Kshirsagar, Sr. Applications Specialist. “We had already managed to perfect a special non-plugging, low pressure drop, static mixer designed for sludge dewatering that was extensively field-proven.  Hearing operator complaints about the major downtime caused by needing to frequently clean their existing spiral heat exchangers got Komax involved.”

“We then realized by jacketing our sludge mixer, we could create an ultra-efficient heat exchanger that was far better than anything available before."

Not only does the new heat exchanger offer time and energy savings, the size of the heat exchanger can be reduced thanks to the new mixing technology. Static mixing elements remove municipal sludge on pipe walls that usually prevent heat transfer, but the new sludge heater offers better results in a smaller space. The digester heater is also available with standard piping materials, but it also comes in alloys that are corrosion resistant.

"We've seen heat transfer improvements of up to 300% with this type of slurry heater, as well as reduced sizes by up to two-thirds with this technology. The static mixer turbulence defines self-cleaning, answering the prayers of everyone who has been forced to clean a sludge-filled spiral heat exchanger!" says Sameer Kshirsagar.

Source: Komax