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New Peristaltic Pumps from Clark Solutions Feature Enhanced Accuracy

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Clark Solutions designed its Boxer 6000 Series peristaltic pump to high dispensing accuracy and reduced pump pulsation. The series features a smaller footprint than other peristaltic pumps, reduced tubing wear, and a more balanced motor load to extend pump life. Clark Solutions offers these pumps with either eight or four rollers per channel in multiple channel designs.

The Boxer 6000 series is available in gear-box or stepper-motor driven versions. An optional Stepper Motor Control board can be installed either remotely or directly to the back of the stepper motor, allowing for easy programming of up to ten operating pump protocols.

This series offers a wide range of tubing diameters with color-coded tube clips to eliminate the need for any adjustments.

Clark Solutions has fifty years of experience in the pump industry. It offers a wide variety of pumps, instrumentation, and valves to provide solutions to the control, measurement, and monitoring of flow, energy, pressure, force, and level in liquids and gases. The company headquarters are located in Hudson, Massachusetts.

Source: PR.com