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New Pump Size Offered by CP Pumpen AG

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

CP Pumpen AG, a Swiss pumping manufacturer, is now offering a new magnetic pump size, without compromising the quality of the large pumping volumes that CP is known for. The magnetic drive pump, the MKP 250-200-315, is the newest addition to the tried and tested MKP series.

CP’s magnetic drive pumps have been on the market for over 30 years. They offer high performance, are extremely energy efficient, and are known for being extremely sturdy and safe, no matter what medium is being pumped. All of these product properties were incorporated into the new MKP 250-200-315.

The new magnetic pump was created in response to requests from customers. “The demand for pumps with a large flow volume had increased in the past. With a volume of up to 750 m3/h, the new MKP is complementing our series with a size that is important for the market,” says Heinz Mathys, Marketing and Sales Director and member of the CP Management Team.

The MKP 250-200-315 magnetic pump incorporates the high quality standards of CP pumps. The center remains form-stable up to 350 degrees Celsius, while cutting-edge methods ensure that the heat stays in the pump, which results in less loss when heating the contents in the pump. A titanium shroud provides as low an eddy-current loss as possible, resulting in a higher level of efficiency. It does not need any plain bearing pedestal, so customers can use the new magnetic pump to convey challenging media.

All of CP’s sealless magnetic drive pumps have been developed for the high demands of the chemical and associated industries. They have a single, centrally arranged impeller bearing assembly, which is lubricated and cooled by the pumped liquid. All pumps are compact with virtually no dead areas and made with very few robust components. The intelligent modular system facilitates easy assembly while lowering the cost of spare parts and maintenance.

Source: CP Pumpen AG