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New Wastewater Facility in Sussex to Use Moyno Progressing Cavity Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Moyno, a pump manufacturer known for its progressing cavity pumps, positive displacement pumps, and sludge pumps, has provided ten progressing cavity pumps to the Southern Water facility in Peacehaven, East Sussex, UK. This wastewater facility in Sussex already features a number of different Moyno pumps that include EZstrip™ cake pumps, LF injection pumps, and Widethroat pumps.

The new Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works is part of a £300 million project that aims to make the wastewater facility more environmentally friendly. The update will include 11 kilometers of newly constructed sewer tunnels, three new pumping stations, and a new 2.5 kilometer outfall which has been constructed in nearby Friars Bay. “That creates a significant need for reliable and effective pumping solutions that will help keep the plant operating efficiently at all times,” says Moyno Account Manager Mike Burton.

In order to efficiently complete the upgrade, Moyno worked with both ANDRITZ GROUP and Saxlund International, two sludge processing equipment providers. Many of the Moyno pumps provided for Peacehaven feature the company’s innovative EZstrip™ technology, which has rapidly become accepted in the wastewater sector as a practical and highly effective way of reducing maintenance costs and improving uptime. This cake pump can be dismantled in seconds, providing technicians with immediate access to rotating parts in order to remove blockages quickly and easily.

“The EZstrip™ technology on the Moyno pumps allows them to be maintained in place and that certainly offers attractive savings in terms of maintenance times and costs,” says Matt Drew, Sales Manager for Saxlund. “Having such a wide variety of pumps supplied by a single manufacturer was also an attractive proposition as it helped ensure compatibility between various parts of the process.”

At its completion, the wastewater facility will be covered by an 18,000m² grass roof and will handle 95 million liters of wastewater generated each day by residents of Peacehaven, Telscombe, Saltdean, Rottingdean, Ovingdean, Brighton, and Hove.

Source: Moyno