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New York Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades its NOV Mono Pumps

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

NOV, a manufacturer of pumps for the oil and gas industry and many others, is replacing equipment that has operated for over 40 years at a waste water treatment plant in North Yorkshire. Mono Munchpump packaged systems will replace the original equipment at the Langthwaite Waste Water Treatment Plant.

“The original Mono Mutrator units were installed prior to 1970, and the time had come to upgrade,” says Gerald Muldoon, Account Manager for Mono. “They had proved to be rugged, reliable, and long-lasting, so the plant was happy to replace them with our modern equivalents.”

Energy efficiency was a key factor in identifying the right Mono equipment. “The original high-speed macerators used were powered by 7.5kW motors, whereas the replacements need only 1.5kW motors,” adds Gerald. “Mono is ideally placed to help utility operators align their operation with TOTEX principles.”

The Munchpump systems include a Mono EZstrip transfer pump and a Mono SB Muncher, which makes them ideal for duty and standby configurations. Effluent from the village of Langthwaite enters a wet well. When the set level is reached, the Mono transfer pump lifts the effluent into the Muncher, which macerates any solids to a small particle size, eliminating blockages. Then, the effluent is gravity-fed into the treatment process before being discharged into the nearby River Arkle.

“Mono also provided a full M & E design solution and handled the installation process, and that certainly helped make the project far simpler from our point of view. This is a Mono solution that Yorkshire Water has used at other treatment plants,” Gerald adds. “The pumps were sized so that the required 13.5 m3 per hour flow capacity could be achieved, but at a low speed, which would increase the longevity of the parts and extend the intervals between maintenance.”

Source: NOV