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NFB Line of Pumps Deliver Smooth Power

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

KNF, a German company known for developing, designing, and manufacturing gas pumps and systems for the global market, has designed a new NFB line of liquid diaphragm pumps for a wide range of applications. The pumps have two heads that are both driven by the same motor for greater efficiency. A parallel connected mode is available which alternates operations of the pump heads, resulting in a smooth, level flow, and reducing the need to install components to overcome pulsation. An individual mode is also available that allows two different liquids to be transported at the same time, making the second pump superfluous. Both modes offer the potential for cost savings.

The liquid diaphragm pumps feature a compact design, which allows for greater flexibility when fitting them into existing systems. The pump’s flow rate can be regulated and matched to specific parameters thanks to the adjustable, brushless DC motors. These features reduce lengthy testing and improve speed to market.

No matter what is flowing through the pumps, the KNF Flodos’ well-proven diaphragm pump technology ensures that the medium is transported very gently, which ultimately makes handling sensitive fluids much easier. While gear pumps may produce pollution due to abrasives, the NFB diaphragm pumps are able to handle chemically aggressive fluids by using different materials for valves and diaphragms, depending on the customer’s requirements. The result is a maintenance-free pump with a long service life, perfectly fitted to its intended purpose.

At atmospheric pressure, the NFB 5 delivers five to 50ml/min, while the NFB 25 delivers 50 to 300ml/min. One bar is the maximum permissible pressure for continuous operation and both pumps reach a suction of three meters.

Additional features of the pump include a low, compact design and a long, maintenance-free life. The pump is self-priming and dry-run safe, and the diaphragm technology allows for clean, gentle transportation of sensitive liquids. The flow rate is completely adjustable, and chemically resistant pump options are available.

Source: KNF