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NOV Mono Pumps Replace Submersible Pumps in Hong Kong Rail Tunnel Project

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Two new express rail tunnels are currently under construction in Hong Kong with the help of five NOV Mono high pressure pumps. The tunnels, Shek Yam and Pat Heung, will eventually form part of the Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway system. In the 18 months since the pumps were installed, they have run for more than 4,800 hours without needing any replacement parts.

Mine dewatering is a particularly rigorous application that requires pumps to withstand a high volume of drill cuttings, mud and concrete in the fluids they are pumping. Originally, submersible pumps were being used for these operations. Due to high cost of operation and frequently needed repairs, the Mono high pressure pumps were chosen to replace the original submersible pumps. In the 18 months since they were installed, the sludge transfer pumps have operated continuously without any problem.

“The Mono pumps run at 10 bar pressure and handle an average of 20 litres per second of fluid,” says Derrin Cikoja of the tunnel construction site management team, who worked closely with the Mechanical Superintendent, Paddy Gallagher. “They are providing us with a high dollar-to-dewater ratio and that is helping to reduce their whole-life costs. We would definitely look at using more Mono pumps on future projects.”

Mono’s E Range progressive cavity pumps are well-suited for this type of aggressive industrial application. Made of high quality materials, Mono pumps are highly resistant to abrasion and wear. They also feature the innovative Flexishaft™, which provides a single component link between the rotary motion of the drive shaft and the eccentric motion of the helical rotor. Because of the reduced number of moving parts in the drive train, lubrication is unnecessary and wear becomes nonexistent. For further protection and quality assurance, the Flexishaft comes with a 10 year warranty.

The E Range high pressure pumps are effective at transferring fluid up to 420 m3/h and can handle pressures up to 48 bar.


Source: NOV Mono