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Oil-Free Reciprocating Gas Compressor Line Introduced by Blackmer

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Blackmer, a PSG Dover Company, and a leading global provider of innovative, high-quality rotary vane pumps, centrifugal pumps, and reciprocating compressor technologies, has announced the release of its new triple-seal HD943 and HDL943 oil-free reciprocating gas compressor line. Blackmer HD943 and HDL943 compressors have been specifically designed for applications that require maximum leakage control. Each compressor features a double-distance piece design with three individual sets of packaging, which helps maintain product purity while preventing oil migration.

Blackmer’s new compressors have addressed vapor recovery and product contamination in oil and gas field applications by utilizing innovative distance piece design technology. The non-lubricated design of the compressors includes two distance piece compartments that are located between each compressor’s cylinder and crankcase. Purging, pressurizing, and venting is possible because external ports are located at the top and bottom of the distance piece chambers. This feature allows the user maximum leakage control of vapors that would otherwise vent into the crankcase, as is the case with other designs. In addition, both the HD943 and HDL943 allow for the control of potentially harmful vapors with a safe disposal area before they can escape into the atmosphere. The compressors are available with combinations of distance piece purging and venting, which offer even greater leakage control.

In addition to the oil-free and innovative distance piece design, the compressor line contains a variety of additional features that include:

  • High-efficiency ductile-iron valves with PEEK valve plates
  • Ductile iron heads and cylinders
  • Three sets of self-adjusting filled PTFE packaging on each piston rod
  • Self-lubricating PTFE piston rings
  • Precision-ground crankshafts
  • Pressure lubricated crankcases

Because the line features a non-lubricated design, no oil is used in the upper cylinder or head area where the gas stream can be contaminated.

All of these features allow Blackmer compressors to provide superior performance and reliability, even under the most severe conditions, while offering energy efficiency, trouble-free operation, and low maintenance costs.

Source: Blackmer