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Multi-Million Dollar Panama Canal Project is Awarded to Xylem

The pump manufacturer's heavy-duty Godwin dewatering pumps will fill the third set of basin locks on the Pacific Ocean sector with 1.7 billion gallons of water. hen completed, the Panama Canal will include a new traffic lane and two new lock complexes which will double the capacity of the canal.

Wastewater Products from KROHNE, Inc. to Be Showcased at WEFTEC 2015

One of KROHNE’s latest innovations for measuring less than full pipes is the TIDALFLUX flow meter, which will be among the products featured in the manufacturer's WEFTEC booth.

Innovative Pump Technology to Be Showcased by NETZSCH at WEFTEC 2015

The family-owned German manufacturer will showcase its progressive cavity pumps at the tradeshow, in addition to participating in multiple interactive WEFTEC-sponsored workshops.

SALINO® Pressure Centre to Be Released by KSB

SALINO® Pressure Centre equipment is specially designed for reverse osmosis systems. It is the first in the world to combine four main components (high pressure pump, energy recovery device, booster pump, and electric motor) into a single, compact RO system. 

Watson-Marlow's MasoSine SPS200 Makes Pumping Peanut Butter Easy

A food plant in South Africa solved their pumping challenge of moving peanut butter from the grinder to the holding tank with Watson-Marlow's MasoSine200 progressive cavity pump. The MasoSine pump features a unique sinusoidal rotor that can safely transfer delicate products without degradation. 

PFA Lined Gear Pumps Ideal for Aggressive and High Purity Liquids

Liquiflo pumps now carried by Michael Smith Engineers in the United Kingdom, providing smooth and pulseless flows for challenging chemical applications. 

New Komax Heat Exchanger Designed to be Ultra-Efficient

A Senior Applications Specialist at Komax reports seeing heat transfer improvements up to 300% with the new slurry heater, designed specifically for lower viscosity fluids. The heat exchanger is also designed to be self-cleaning.

Fuji Electric Corp. Of America Announces Next Generation Compact Drive

The FRENIC-Mini Drive expands the electronics manufacturer's portfolio of low-voltage inverters in the North American market

Almatec CXM Series AODD Pumps Replace CX & CXR Series

The new series offers a modular design that enables seven different product connections and features the PERSWING P air-control system. 

EagleBurgmann’s New Generation Cartex Cartridge Seals Utilize HighTech DiamondFace Coating Technology

The new eCartex seals use DF-coated seal faces that offer extreme hardness, resistance to wear, and excellent thermal conductivity which results in a high savings potential, reducing energy consumption by up to 80% and increasing the operating period by up to 100%.

Kirloskar Brothers Limited Announce GK-P Process Pump at ACHEMA

The GK-P process pump is an end suction centrifugal process pump uniquely suited to handle a wide variety of chemical liquids. 

New S Series Screw Pump Introduced by Blackmer

The screw pumps are specifically designed for the challenging operating conditions of the oil & gas, process, and marine industries. The new series pumps are available in both twin and triplex configurations. 

New Diaphragm Liquid Pump Introduced by Gardner Denver Thomas

The new diaphragm liquid pump is ideal for inkjet printer applications, providing consistent flow with little pulsation. 

New Screw Vacuum Pump Introduced by Busch

The new screw vacuum pump series is uniquely self-cleaning, lessening the maintenance typically associated with this pump type. 

$500,000 Contract Awarded to Xylem Inc. to Deliver Clean Water in Singapore

NEWater is high-grade reclaimed water produced from treated, used water that is purified using advanced membrane technologies and ultra-violet disinfection. The NEWater initiative hopes to supply 55% of Singapore's water by 2060. 

New York Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades its NOV Mono Pumps

The WWTP operated successfully with NOV Mono pumps installed more than 40 years ago. The plant is now upgrading to NOV Mono's modern pump equivalent. 

Grundfos SL Submersible Wastewater Pumps Released by Grundfos

Grundfos' new line of submersible wastewater pumps are designed to handle raw and unscreened sewage, effluent, and large volumes of surface water. 

Thomas Launches New Diaphragm Liquid Pump

The new diaphragm pump is specifically designed for use in laboratory applications and the inkjet printing industry, providing fast suction and steady delivery. 

Neptune Pumps to be Displayed at WEFTEC 2015

The company will showcase several of its metering and transfer pumps at the show, to take place in Chicago this September.

Kenics Heat Exchangers from NOV Enhance Performance of Underwater Pelletizing Process

Gala Industries is a top manufacturer of underwater pelletizing system and centrifugal dryers around the world. The company relies on Kenics heat exchangers from NOV in the melt cooling process with predictable, controlled, and efficient thermal transfer. 

NG/NGS Series Reciprocating Gas Compressors Added to Blackmer's Product Line

Blackmer, a PSG Dover brand, recently unveiled its new line of reciprocating gas compressors. The compressors come in a variety of configurations and are built to be highly efficient. 

Affordable Dif-Jet Air System from Fortrans Eliminates Odor from Animal Waste Lagoons

The Dif-jet air system provides necessary aeration to swine farmers, enabling them to avoid health hazards and pollution caused by animal waste. 

Bredel Pump Helps Cut Maintenance Costs at an 'Energy from Waste' Plant

Saarbrücken GmbH is a waste-heat power plant that recycles around 180,000 tons of waste and generates around 75,000 MWh of electricity. The plant recently started using Watson Marlow's Bredel hose pumps to transfer abrasive brine. 

CUP-CEP Condensate Extraction Pumps Help Power Plants to Operate Efficiently

Clyde Union is a well known global pump manufacturer. Its condensate extraction pumps are specifically designed for and suited for use in modern power plants, successfully operating in rigorous pumping environments. 

Sulzer Acquires Precision Gas Turbine Inc.

A global organization, Sulzer's acquisition of Precision Gas Turbine will allow the company to service a broader range or gas turbines and access an established set of power customers. 

Waneta Expansion Project Supported by Voith

The Waneta Expansion Project adds a second power house to the BC Hydro grid, utilizing Voith technology for its turbines, generators, excitors, and various auxiliary systems. 

Water Agency Partners with Residents in Pico Rivera on Recycling Project

Pico residents were able to view and comment on the wastewater recycling project, as well as offer suggestions for the design and incorporation of community amenities. WRD has made no promises, but assures residents their concerns will be considered in the final plans for the project.  

Eaton's Variable Speed Drive Hydraulic Pump Solutions Offer Increased Energy Efficiency and Performance

Eaton is a global technology leader in power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, reliably, safely and sustainably.

Xylem Wins $1.7 Million Irrigation Contract in Vietnam

Xylem will install Bắc Ninh province's first submersible pumping solution, improving the region's irrigation capacity. 

Netzsch Announces New Southeast Regional Manager

Lucas Love was recently promoted to Southeast Regional Manager for Netzsch pumps. He will be moving to Atlanta, Georgia this year to better serve the region.