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Pentair Introduces New Hypro Series of Pumps

Pentair recently launched two new series of pumps: the Hypro 9208 series, which addresses liquid fertilizing and water transfer needs, and the Hypro 9308 series, which handles high volume spraying of corrosive chemicals in hydrostatic and non-hydrostatic drive systems. Each series features a 316 stainless steel impeller to ensure corrosion resistance, a Life Guard silicon carbide seal to prevent abrasions and offer dry-run protection, and five-inch, 150-pound ANSI flanged inlets along with four-inch, 150-pound ANSI flanged outlets to provide longevity and reliability.

“The new Hypro 9208 and 9308 Series are strategically designed with heavy-duty features for durable operation and powerful performance,” says Jared Krueger, product manager, Pentair/Hypro. “Each series is outfitted with unique attributes to meet the specific demands of its application, offering an ideal solution for an array of spraying and transfer applications.”

The 9208 pedestal pumps feature a solid 416 stainless steel shaft for corrosion resistance with a diameter of 1.63 inches to allow direct coupling to electric motors.

The 9308 Series centrifugal pumps offer extended life due to a two-piece shaft design with a 416 stainless steel wet end and hardened 8620 drive end. The series is designed to reduce installation space requirements through an integrated hydraulic motor, ideal for high volume spraying on agricultural, construction, and mining equipment. Various models within the series feature unique design features for a variety of applications. For example, the 9308C-GM25, is designed with a gear-driven motor with a -12 SAE ORB inlet, a -20 SAE ORB outlet and a -6 SE ORB case drain port. Similarly, the 9308C-PM15 model features a piston-driven motor with -10 SAE ORB inlet and outlet and a -8 SAE ORB case drain port.

Source: AGProfessional.com