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Pentair Ranks on Forbes 2013 “Top 100 Most Innovative Companies”

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Pentair Ltd. has been named to Forbes’ 2013 top 100 list of “The Wold’s Most Innovative Companies.” This is Pentair’s first appearance on the list; the company ranked 96th among other global industry leaders. The Swedish company specializes in manufacturing water filters, pump systems, and pool accessories.

"Pentair's innovation efforts are led by our desire to help improve the quality of life of people around the world by providing industry-leading solutions in food, water and energy," says Phil Rolchigo, Ph.D., vice president, technology at Pentair. "This recognition reflects the outcome of rigorous Pentair processes that drive innovation in technology, market approach, talent development and manufacturing."

Through the collaboration of more than 1,300 engineers, Pentair is able to offer innovative and dynamic solutions to its customers. Pentair engineers work around world focusing on areas of filtration and membrane separation sciences, polymer science, electronic controls, mechanical, thermal and hydraulic design as well in advanced engineering analytics.More than 25 percent of the company’s talent is dedicated to fast-growth regions such as India, China, Brazil, and the Middle East. The company has current holdings of more than 800 U.S. patents and has filed more than 60 new patents annually over the past three years.

To be a contender for a spot on Forbes “The World’s Most Innovative Companies” list, members must have $10 billion in market capitalization, spend at least 2.5 percent of revenue on R&D and have seven years of public data. Forbes develops the list through the “innovation premium,” which measures how much investors have bid up the stock price of a company above its current value based on high expectations of future innovations. This is the 3rd edition of the list, which began in 2011.


Source: Pentair