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Prevent Winter Flooding with a Submersible Pump

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Pump Sales Direct, a leading pump retailer in the UK, recommends submersible pumps for residents and business owners because they can quickly clear away water before it causes damage during the winter flooding season. Whether you live in a high-risk area or you’ve simply suffered from heavy rainfall, dealing with a flooded basement can be a real headache. A submersible pump can clear the water away quickly before it damages property.

Submersible pumps are designed to work underwater, so they are sealed to prevent water damage that would affect internal components. When used in a basement or cellar, the submersible pump works best when also placed in a pit or sump below the normal floor level. This type of pump can also be used beneath a suspended floor at ground level. In this case, when the flooding water reaches a certain level, the pump will turn on and redirect the water to a drain before it fills the basement.

If the basement suffers from slow water ingress, a submersible pump should be used all year round as it can also help control humidity levels, preventing damp conditions which ultimately stops mold and mildew from forming.

There are a wide variety of submersible pump choices, which include manual and automatic designs, that have various capacity loads. Automatic pumps contain a switch that automatically turns the pump on, while a manual pump will need to be turned on by hand.

The capacity of the pump you choose depends on the amount of water and the height that the water needs to be moved in order to reach a drain. It is important to consult an expert because bigger pumps aren’t necessarily more effective than smaller ones.

Portable pumps are also available that can be used in emergency situations to remove water from flooded areas. They are especially suited to tasks that include emptying swimming pools and water tanks.

Source: Pump Sales Direct