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PSG buys German positive displacement pump manufacturer

Pump Solutions Group (PSG) recently purchased QuattroFlow Fluid System GmBH & Co. KG, a German company that specializes in positive displacement pumps. The pumps incorporate a four piston-diaphragm technology with no mechanical seals that’s driven by an eccentric shaft motor.

The products mostly serve the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, which require high containment, purity and cleanability. The technology is found in multiple and single use applications such as cross-flow systems, chromatography devices and centrifuges.

“This acquisition is consistent with PSG’s strategic vision. We believe that Quattroflow’s strengthens our PSG product portfolio and adds greater technological depth to our core markets of Pharmaceutical and Bio Tech,” said Dean Douglas, PSG president. PSG is a par tof the Dover Corporation.

The PSG portfolio includes a range of industrial applications and brands include Almatec, Blackmer, EnviroGear, Griswold, Mouvex, Neptune, RedScrew, and Wilden. These pump companies make a wide variety of pumps including magnetic drive pumps, vane pumps, vertical turbine pumps, self priming pumps.