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PUMP-FLO Solutions Announces Gear Pump Selection Capability

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

PUMP-FLO™ Solutions (An Engineered Software Business), is announces new functionality for gear pump manufacturers. Taking advantage of recent software enhancements to PUMP-FLO Insight, the company now offering a powerful new gear pump selector tool as part of the PUMP-FLO software technology.

Gear Pump Selector and Configurator

Detailed Search - Ability to search gear pump attributes and hydraulic sizing data to select the most appropriate pump for their application. Users can search based on their unique design requirements which can include application, fluid, pump type, flow rate, viscosity, differential pressure and more.

Precise Selection - Generate selection lists and sort their selection list based on pump model/series/size, pump speed (RPM), hydraulic pressure, horsepower required, flow rate and more. The user can also filter their selection list based on a range of pump attributes (For example: maximum flow rate, maximum temperature, port size and materials of construction).

Flexible Configuration and Custom Quotation - Once the appropriate pump has been selected for their application, users can quickly generate complete, accurate configurations, quotes, and bills of material. The user can configure all aspects of the pump including driver, motor, gears, bearings, shaft, mounting options, ports, seals, flanges, relief valves, and more. They can specify materials of construction for various components and include services, spares and warranty options.

The user can also incorporate a broad range of documents in their configurations and quotes. This can include product specifications, static drawings, dynamic drawings, materials of construction, performance data/curves and more, in a variety of formats. These documents can be included automatically based on the pump and options selected or manually uploaded based on specific allowing users to tailor the final deliverable for their business needs.

PUMP-FLO Insight - Generate and manage configurations, quotes and orders

PUMP-FLO Insight is an integrated pump sizing, selection and configuration solution that supports a broad range of pump types including centrifugal, submersible, regenerative turbine, vertical turbine, AODD, progressive cavity and gear pumps. With Insight you can configure assemble-to-order, configure-to-order, and engineer-to-order pumps, as well as other industrial equipment.

Insight allows the manufacturer to customize the look and feel, configuration rules and workflow to meet their specific business and technical requirements. Insight handles even the most complex rules for option compatibility, bill of material, part numbering, pricing, discounting, document creation, and more.