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Pump manufacturer Warren Rupp wins innovation award

Warren Rupp, Inc. recently received the 2011 Award for New Product Innovation from Frost and Sullivan for its AirVantage AODD pumps, according to a news release.

Frost & Sullivan analyzed the market for air operated double diaphragm pump, the most widely used positive displacement pumps. Research and design in this market has long focused on reliability and price, pump users are also looking for products that save energy and reduce total lifecycle costs with lower down time and less maintenance.

Anand Gnanamoorthy, Frost and Sullivan research analyst, said many pump users don't realize the full energy savings promised by the pump manufacturer. Customers appreciate the significant energy savings offers by the Warren Rupp pump. The Warren Rupp AirVantage AODD pumps are the first pumps to use an automated air regulator that dynamically controls the air flow during the operation of the pumps. This pump utilizes a microprocessor and feedback technology that automatically adjusts the supply of the air flow to the pump for maximum efficiency.

Instead of using manual air inlet controllers, AirVantage automatically varies the pump application parameters based on the required performance to optimize energy efficiency. The controller system uses a sensor to detect the velocity and position of the rod. This data is analyzed by the microprocessor and, based on the advanced algorithm, dynamically controls the inlet valves. During the forward stroke, it cuts off the air supply and uses the momentum of the rod to complete the stroke. This reduces the need for the compressed air.

This adaptability also minimizes the wear on critical pump components such as diaphragms, connecting rods and seals. Apart from reducing pump maintenance and part replacement, the reduced air intake extends the working life plant's compressor. The result is lower maintenance costs and less of a need for maintenance personnel -- while improving the equipment uptime.

The AODD pumps market has significant potential to grow due to the ongoing need for sustainability and energy efficient replacements and retrofits. This trend is further facilitated by governmental policy that mandates the adoption of environmental-friendly solutions such as the American Clean Energy and Security Act, 2009, and the USA and UK Energy Efficiency Action Plan, 2007. Warren Rupp's AirVantage pumps have been released across the globe in more than 60 countries to capitalize on the increasing need for energy-efficient products. It holds significant presence in Europe and Asia and the global sales account for a large part of Warren Rupp's revenues. The company capitalizes on its global presence and worldwide distribution network to garner a worldwide customer base for the AirVantage pumps.

Frost and Sullivan presents this award each year to the company that develops an innovative element in a product by leveraging new technologies. The award recognizes the value added features and benefits of the product and the increased return on investment it offers customers, which in turn increases customer acquisition and overall market penetration potential.