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PumpScout announces industrial pump types guide to assist in pump selection

PumpScout.com announces a smart guide to help engineers, maintenance professionals and contractors find the right industrial pump for their project.

The free Pump Types Guide highlights details for each of the 40 most popular industrial pumps, including both centrifugal and positive displacement types.

“This guide helps engineers, maintenance professionals and contractors navigate to find the right pump for their application,” said PumpScout’s co-founder and CEO Justin Johnson.

The guide provides descriptions of each pump as well as key features, recommended fluid, advantages and ranges for flow rates, total head and horse power.

Once pump buyers determine the right pump for their project, PumpScout can help users find the right pump suppliers and get price quotes. Buyers simply enter their pump specifications and the PumpScout software determines which suppliers can offer the pump they need. Buyers can even specify whether they want service from a local or national supplier.

In addition to the Pump Types Guide, the PumpScout website provides a wealth of information for pump users. The Expert Tips articles provide additional advice from the industry’s top minds on topics including how to start the pump buying process, pump sizing and extending the life of your pump.

“PumpScout.com aims to a one-stop resource for today’s pump buyer,” Johnson said. “The Pump Types Guide is one more way we can help education and inform pump buyers.”