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PumpScout Signs Chopper Pump Experts Vaughan

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Pump buyers can now source Vaughan chopper pumps through PumpScout.com, a leading web service that connects pump buyers with pump suppliers to provide product specs and price quotes.

PumpScout.com is proud to partner with Vaughan, a Montesano, Wash. - based company that specializes in chopper pumps, Triton screw centrifugal pumps, and Rotamix process mixing systems for the agricultural, municipal and industrial process applications.

“Vaughan is renowned in the industry for their innovative chopper pump designs, quality manufacturing, reliable products and superb service,” says Justin Johnson, CEO of PumpScout.com. “We’re so pleased that we can introduce and connect them to the thousands of people using PumpScout to source their pumps.”

Vaughan pumps solve problems in various industries around the world. Their chopper pumps are used in processing food including vegetables, poultry and seafood; paper and wood products; automotive manufacturing; and chemical production to name a few.

Jim Vaughan invented the first chopper pump in 1960. After repairing manure pumps – which regularly became clogged by bedding and twine – for local dairy farmers he developed his own unique design to solve the problem. He received his first patent in 1964 and the Vaughan Company has since earned 40 more.

Dale Vaughan, Vaughan Company Inc.’s president says the company’s partnership with PumpScout.com will help them reach new customers who are eager to learn more about their products and solutions.

“PumpScout.com provides us with an innovative way to connect with buyers who have an immediate need – the accessibility of real-time sales leads from buyers who need our products was a real draw,” he says.

PumpScout.com works with thousands of contractors, engineers and maintenance professionals each month to provide them a better, faster way to source pumps. The web service allows pump buyers to enter their pumping system requirements and PumpScout.com recommends the right pump suppliers for their project. Then the system connects the buyers and sellers of pumps to get price quotes and product specs.