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PURON Ultrafiltration System to be Used in Brazil Plant

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a manufacturer of membranes and membrane filtration systems, has announced that it will be providing its PURON High Flow reinforced hollow fiber ultrafiltration system for the expansion of the Alto da Boa Vista drinking water plant in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Alto da Boa Vista is a drinking water treatment plant located in the Alto da Boa Vista neighborhood of São Paulo. The drinking water treatment plant produces drinking water using coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, sand filtration, and chlorine  and services more than five million people in the metropolitan area of São Paulo. In 2014, the drinking water treatment plant installed the first ultrafiltration drinking water system in South America, which utilized KMS’ PURON High Flow membranes. The project was initiated in order to double the treatment capacity for a growing population. Treatment capacity was increased from 23 MGD (3600 m3/hr) to 46 MGD (7200 m3/hr).

Feed water for the plant is drawn from the Guarapiranga Reservoir. However, when a high concentration of algae is present in the reservoir, water may be drawn from the existing clarifiers as an additional source of supply. Previous sand filters have struggled with high algae concentrations in the past, but the ability of the PURON High Flow ultrafiltration system to handle high solid loads alleviate this problem. The Alto da Boa Vista drinking water plant has contracted with Centroprojekt do Brasil to engineer and install the facility.

“Given the ongoing drought conditions in São Paulo and other areas of Brazil, the availability of safe drinking water for the growing population is a critical issue for the city and the country as a whole” says Sergio Ribeiro, commercial director, South America for Koch Membrane Systems. “At the same time as demand is increasing, so are the requirements for water quality. Concurrently, water treatment facilities are forced to draw on more challenging raw water sources. Given this combination of challenges, the PURON reinforced hollow fiber with its high solids tolerance and robust operations capability is an ideal solution.”

Source: Koch Membrane Systems