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Qdos Replaces Diaphragm Pumps with Its Metering Pumps at Paper Mill

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

The Schoellershammer plant in Düren, Germany has replaced its existing diaphragm pumps with metering pumps from Qdos, a pump manufacturer. With the replacements, the plant has seen improvements that include increased up-time and ease of maintenance when pumping anti-foam agents used in starching operations.

The paper mill has been in operation for 230 years. It employs almost 240 people and operates two paper machines, producing fine paper for the German and international markets. Corrugated board base papers are produced on a machine that produces 225,000 tons a year with another machine set to produce a lighter weight corrugated board in 2016.

The plant uses over 400 pumps for countless applications. The plant increasingly relies on peristaltic pumps because they combine efficiency with simple operation, which reduces costs by limiting maintenance needs. They are dry-running and self-priming, which is what caused the Schollershammer facility to implement Qdos metering pumps for dispensing small amounts of anti-foam agent. Until recently, the job was done by diaphragm pumps that were causing problems.

“Although we were actually happy with the metering performance of the diaphragm pumps, we were concerned about the high amount of repair and maintenance work required,” says Mr Dahmen. “It always took a great deal of time to replace damaged diaphragms. Furthermore, as the diaphragm pumps were not self-priming, we had to manually add a small amount of anti-foam agent to the pump head after every maintenance operation, which necessitated even more time. However, the biggest problem was that the diaphragm pumps required several valves, which tended to become blocked, leading to yet more maintenance work.”

The new Qdos metering pumps offer a flow range from 0.1 to 500ml/min., which is perfect for the application flow rate of 100 to 450 ml/min found at the plant. The pumps are self-priming and dry-running so that an anti-foam agent is not needed after maintenance. The pumps also operate without any ancillaries. Because of these benefits, the Qdos metering pumps have been installed throughout the plant.

Source: Qdos