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S Series Screw Pumps Released Globally by Blackmer

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Blackmer, a leading global manufacturer of innovative sliding-vane pumps and reciprocating compressor technologies for the transfer of liquids and gases, launched the S Series pumps for the North American market in July, 2015. They are now available throughout the EMEA and Asian markets.

The S Series positive displacement pumps are available both with and without external timing gears and bearings. They are self-priming, double ended, and designed for demanding applications. The pumps feature a twin and triple screw design, which provides complete axial balancing of the rotating screws, while the timing technologies eliminate metal-to-metal contact.

The pumps are safe for use in explosive and dangerous environments because they are ATEX certified. The pump manufacturer states that the S Series pumps provide solutions that can meet the toughest application challenges, regardless of temperature, viscosity, or pressure, including the oil and gas, process, and marine industries.

The four S Series pump line includes:

  • S Series Twin Screw Pumps (WTG) feature double-suction and are self-priming with external bearings and timing gear transmissions. These pumps are especially effective when it comes to the delivery of fluids that are free of solid substances, or contain very few abrasives.
  • S Series Twin Screw Pumps with non-timing (NTG) gear transmission have a single-suction design making them especially suited for transferring lubricating fluids with higher viscosities, like bitumen and residual oil, at both medium and high temperatures.
  • S Series Multi-Phase Twin Screw Pumps have been especially designed for medium and low pressure applications. The pumps are reliable and built to last when used in the water and oil and gas industries. These pumps are commonly used in oilfields that contain untreated streams because they are effective at dealing with high differential pressures and high suction pressure applications.
  • S Series Triple Screw Pumps have been designed to handle clear, lubricating liquids that don’t contain solid content in demanding applications. These particular pumps provide a smooth, constant flow for many viscosities, temperatures, and pressures. They are reliable, compact, self-priming, and they offer low noise emission and are environmentally friendly.

Source: Blackmer