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Sanitation Plan Provided by Grundfos Rescues the Beaches of Montevideo

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

Grundfos, a worldwide leading pump manufacturer, has rescued the beaches of Montevideo with a new sanitation plan. The sewage system of Montevideo no longer matched the growing need of its tourists and 1.3 million inhabitants, which was having a drastic effect on the beaches in the area. For example, the sewers were unable to handle heavy rainfalls, which would lead to industrial and human waste contamination in the coastal area alongside the city, causing public health problems.

This issue is being remedied with the help of Grundfos. The pump manufacturer is improving the sewer system by participating in the largest wastewater project ever undertaken in South America. The project is expected to be completed in 2035.

“This project is extremely important, particularly because it improves public health, as well as the quality of life for the citizens of Montevideo,” says Lucas Blasina, Electromechanical Chief for the sanitation master plan in the municipality.

In addition to reducing water contamination, the sanitation system is being expanded, modernizing the wastewater infrastructure in all areas of the city. Currently, Grundfos is working on a project that is focused on the sewage network in the southwest part of Montevideo.

The new sewage network will be able to transport wastewater from residents’ homes to the new treatment plant and back out into the open water safely.  Six pumping stations, all equipped by Grundfos, make it all possible.

This project represents the largest order Grundfos has ever completed in South America. The pump manufacturer was chosen because of its international brand recognition, experience, regional, and global presence.

“This not only ensures the supplier is capable of meeting the demanding conditions of supply. It also minimizes risks to the future, as we can expect an appropriate and timely response,” says Lucas Blasina, as he elaborates on his experience working with Grundfos. “We have established a relationship with a world-class company that satisfactorily meets our requirements related to commissioning and operation during the complete lifetime of the project.”

Source: Grundfos