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Sealed Internal Gear Pumps from EnviroGear Tackle Challenging Applications

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

EnviroGear Pumps, formerly known as Maag Industrial, and now a part of PSG, a Dover company, has announced the addition of the G Series of sealed internal gear pumps to its popular product line. EnviroGear offers a complete range of internal gear pumps and screw pumps that are perfect for a wide variety of challenging applications. The new internal gear pumps are especially suited to applications that deal with a wide range of viscosities, including higher viscosity applications.

The EnviroGear G Series pumps have only two moving parts. Even with very few parts, the pumps are able to operate equally well in both directions, while still providing a positive, non-pulsating flow at the same time. The design of the pumps provides multiple inlet and outlet positioning. In addition, a single end-clearance adjustment, as well as easy drive-end access, enable quick maintenance and adjustability.

To further the sealed internal gear pumps’ ability to work in multiple applications, they are available in different varieties. The pumps come in cast iron and stainless steel. No matter which material you choose, EnviroGear states that both materials are extremely reliable, durable, and cost effective, especially when it comes to challenging industrial applications that require the use of thin, highly viscous liquids up to 431,000 cSt.

The EnviroGear G Series pumps offer other innovative features as well. Unlike other pumps on the market, the sealed internal gear pumps are completely interchangeable with 95% of the internal gear pumps that are currently on the market. They also allow for easy equipment upgrades with no need to change pipes, drivers, or couplings. There is no need for flow rate changes and no need for baseplate changes.

In addition to offering this new line, EnvironGear will continue to offer its popular line of E Series seal-less internal gear pumps.

Source: EnviroGear