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Seepex Pumps Aid in Cruise Ship Salvage

Contributed by: PumpScout Staff

In 2012, cruise ship Costa Concordia made international news when it collided with rocks near Isolo de Giglio; subsequently, the ship was considered a total loss. Since the collision, one of the largest salvage operations has been underway to prevent the ship from sinking further and removing the wreckage from the ocean.

For the initial stabilization phase, Seepex progressive cavity pumps were used to pump the grout from a floating platform to a series of specially designed bags which formed the underwater platform. It was this underwater platform that supported the wreckage to prevent it from sinking further while salvage efforts were underway.

FoundOcean, a subsea grouting company for offshore energy construction, headed this project. Seepex is a long-standing supplier to FoundOcean for its grout pumping needs on offshore platforms and wind farm installations. Seepex is a preferred supplied due to its high quality pumps that operate efficiently and effectively. The pumps also operate with less downtime associated with grout issues such as grout settlement in the pump due to its shorter suction casing and short coupling rod fitted with agitator paddles.

Seepex has worked with FoundOcean on multiple occasions to solve difficult pumping situations, including high pressure applications on offshore barges where space is a concern. For this particular application, Speepex suggested an alternative high pressure join and walled stator that provided a more compact design.

Source: Seepex